How do you measure success now adays?

My opinion after watching, reading about and listening to highly successful people in all walks of life, is that success is no longer measured by wealth; it is measured by what you do with that wealth.

Don’t get me wrong to get paid for what I help others do every day is great and is starting to make life easier as my business starts to grow; but no matter how much I have in the bank or how many holidays I take the family on; I won’t feel truly succesful until the day I am able to help someone who truly deserves it; better still – someone who doesn’t even know I’ve helped them. That moment would give me immense personal satisfaction and I will only then believe I have been truly successful in what I have set out to do in helping as many people as I can with my business.

To paraphrase JFK from a few weeks ago: ask not what your customers and partners can do for you; but what can you do for them?

Join me and let’s see what I can do for you.

Have fun!

Network marketing professional


Thanks for getting in touch. I look forward to reading it and responding as soon as I can! Chris

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