The exciting worlds of Classical Guitar and Network Marketing

Not many people know that I am a classical guitarist.
I recently celebrated my 20th year exploring this phenomenal instrument – I never tire of it and there is always something new to explore.

While I was playing at a recent concert it occurred to me there are many parallels to be drawn between the guitar and network marketing.

Just as there are 6 strings that I need in order to play my guitar successfully, so there are 6 ‘strings’ to my network marketing business that I need to run it successfully:

1. Patience. If you have ever tried playing the guitar for the first time you may have noticed how much you have to practice initially just to get your fingers to produce a crisp, sharp note both from the fret board and the sound hole. This takes time and patience. You should use this same patience while building your network marketing business. It takes time to find the right note for your business, to set the right tone for your customers, organisation and team.

2. Tenacity. When playing the guitar it doesn’t always go well (surprised?) but while my fingers are getting knotted up and I just can’t stretch my fingers far enough across the fret board, I keep at it because I can picture the  desired result: a beautiful or skillful piece of music; and the joy it will bring to those who listen to it. So it is with my network marketing business; while I’m  spending 11 12 hours sharing and building my business I get tired sometimes and yes, I even ask myself is this worth it. It’s during this time I keep reminding myself of the picture I have of the desired result. It keeps me going.

3. Exploration. The guitar is a diverse instument. It can be tuned to many different keys, it can be played in countless different styles. Network marketing is just as mysterious: Where do you find quality customers? How do you market your business without losing friends? Part of the skill with the guitar and the network marketing company is exploring what works well and what needs to be binned.

4. Fun. No matter what happens I always have fun travelling with my guitar, playing my guitar and sharing my guitar music. I also have fun sharing my network marketing business, travelling with my business and running my network marketing business.

5. Discipline. Without this I would not be successful in either venture. There are set rules or guidelines that must be followed if you want to succeed in either playing the guitar or
building your network marketing company.

6.  Bravery. Not everyone understands what you are doing or what you are trying to achieve. I’ve had friends sometimes ask me why I’m playing that piece of music – no one will like it; you’ll lose your audience. I’ve had friends who tell me my network marketing
company won’t work – it’s a scam, you’ll lose all your friends and all your money. To both I say this: “A man with a new idea is called a crank; until that  idea catches on.” I stick with what I’m doing because I can see the benefit it  will bring to others.

Following these 6 steps ensure I continue to do well in the fantastic worlds of classical guitar and network marketing.

I wish you continuous success in whatever you put your mind to. I know you will achieve it.

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Chris Brown

Chris is a network marketing professional providing not just an opportunity to be healthier and wealthier, but a product that is changing lives all over the world, everyday. XanGo helps people beat the recession and in the process bringing a healther, richer quality of life to everyone involved.

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Thanks for getting in touch. I look forward to reading it and responding as soon as I can! Chris

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