What if the unthinkable happened?

On Friday the unthinkable happened. I came home and switched on my laptop to share my great business with the world. Only to discover the blue screen of death!
(For more info on the blue screen of death, Wikipedia have some great info: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Screen_of_Death)
I was scrambling and worrying about how I was going to keep in touch with customers, distributors and leaders while my laptop was out of action. There were no other computers in the house and no one I could call (it was about 11pm). So while I was worrying about this I fell sleep going over in my mind what I might lose and how long it would take to set everything back up and how much time and how many opportunities I would lose and miss out on. This morning after some carefully chosen and quiet words with the laptop I fixed it and got it going again (yes – even words of support and encouragement seem to pursuade laptops to switch on and work).
Then it hit me (not the laptop): All this time I’d been thinking like a traditional business person; worrying about what I’m missing because I’m not in the market place; worrying about where the next pay cheque is going to come from; always chasing business and chasing customers. You see this is where network marketing is unique in the world of business (and why this is how more and more businesses are going to be run over the next 10 years at the very least).
Even if my laptop did completely die and I was out of contact; it didn’t matter. My business kept going because customers continue to buy and people continue to join my business. All because of their decision to visit my website either searching for it or giving me a ring on the phone. My bank account is still credited and I can still chat and support people over the phone or in person. Imagine if the unthinkable happened… could your business survive?
I now know mine will 🙂
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Chris is a network marketing professional providing not just an opportunity to be healthier and wealthier, but a product that is changing lives all over the world, everyday. XanGo helps people beat the recession and in the process bringing a healther, richer quality of life to everyone involved.
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Thanks for getting in touch. I look forward to reading it and responding as soon as I can! Chris

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