This is the toughest post I’ve had to write

This one’s a tough one to write but I think I need to write this primarily
for myself and to explain why I’m in this great business which is Network
marketing and why I chose XanGo.

It was March 2012 and I was at the height of my career ready to take the next
step in the corporate ladder. I had my future planned out. It couldn’t go

Then I got out of bed one morning, took two steps and immediately my brain
felt like the bubble in a spirit level spinning inside my head and I collapsed
to the floor. When I opened my eyes I couldn’t see anything but I could feel
that I was back in my bed, I had no idea how long I’d been out. My young son’s
had just seen me fall earlier and were crying while my mum was trying to find
out what was wrong with me and console them at the same time. She did manage to
get me to A&E that same day when my eye sight returned enough for me to see.

The doctors took a look and this is what they found. My ‘spirit level’ brain
was being caused by a viral infection. After my eyes were examined I was
diagnosed with central serous retinopathy (CSR). Google this condition to see
exactly what it is. I asked what had caused the CSR and was it linked to my
viral infection. The viral infection was a bad coincidence.

I was told CSR happens to highly driven young people who don’t know when to
stop. Sometimes caused by stress it causes a detached retina. I wasn’t stressed,
I just dealt with everything as it happened and kept going. And that was my
problem said my doctor: “you don’t know when your body is under stress.”

Now you would think that was a wake up call to anyone to sort themselves out.
And it was as far as I was concerned but my body had other ideas.

My first day back at work. I started to get pains in my left side. dull pains
initially but during the morning the pain didn’t go away despite what I tried:
Walking outside in the fresh air; water; toilet. Nothing worked. I happened to
be speaking to one of my friends just before lunch and they suddenly asked if I
was ok; I felt my knees give way underneath me as I put my arms out in front of
me to catch myself on the table, but it was too late. I fell to the floor again,
this time in pain.  I was jaundice and breathing rapidly. I remember trying to speak but the pain in my side and my trouble breathing prevented anything coherent.
I remember thinking “What the hell was going on now?”

I was taken to A&E again but this time by concerned work colleagues.
After the examination the doctor said I had a very bad kidney infection. But
there was more bad news, ultrasounds showed I had kidney’s of an 80 year old
(yes that’s right. I had to check that as well. My doctor said 80 years old).
The way it was put to me was imagine a target with the bulls eye in the middle.
My kidney problem was within a thin 5% margin on edge of the bulls eye. Any
further out and it would be dialysis. I have never smoked and was not a prolific
or heavy drinker. I was told that I would have pains in my kidneys for the rest
of my life and require annual check ups. My doctor advised that his job for the
rest of my life was to keep my kidneys in that 5% safety zone. He signed me off
work for 3 weeks and told me to get complete rest. You can imagine with 3 little
boys at home that was going to be a challlange.

Anyway I made use of my time off to put my world in perspective. I had had 3
warnings to slow down and rethink what I was doing. It was then I decided a
change had to be made. A permanent change to my lifestyle that would help me and
my family. I started to look for working from home opportunities. Less stress
and more time with the family. It took a few days but I was looking at work on
line and one ad caught my eye, right at the bottom of the page. I can’t remember
what it said (sorry Shaughan) but clearly it must have made some impact on me. I
clicked on the ad and that’s when I was introduced to the wonderful and
fulfilling world of XanGo.

It has been five months since I started drinking XanGo. I am planning to
leave my office job by March 2013 and I have to say that while I am by no means
cured (nice tho that would be) this great juice has helped reduce the pain in my
kidneys – they don’t hurt so much anymore.

I had blood tests recently, they showed an improvement in my condition and I
no longer have problems with my eyes.

So the reason I’m in network marketing is because it helps me provide for my
family far easier than any office job could achieve.  The reason I’m with XanGo
is because of the fantastic products that have improved my health far better any
office job could.

If it has helped me, I know XanGo will help other people out there too.

This goes way beyond money, it goes way beyond me; if I can help one person
improve their health with XanGo in the same way it has helped my health, I’ll be
a happy man.

So there you have it: The reason why I’m in network marketing and why I have
the honour of sharing XanGo with the world.

Have fun!

Chris is a network marketing professional providing 3 things:

1. An opportunity to be healthier
2, An opportunity to be wealthier
3. A product that is changing lives all over the world, everyday.

XanGo helps people beat the recession and in the process create a healthier,
richer quality of life for everyone involved.

Be part of the adventure.

Contact Chris today on 07530 557 857 or
Learn more here

Thanks for getting in touch. I look forward to reading it and responding as soon as I can! Chris

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