Luckily you don’t need to be Columbo to join in

Do you remember the first time your curiosity was stirred by the phrase “network marketing” or “MLM”?

I remember my first time (long before the internet) – it was like being faced
with a mystery.

I’d heard lots of “scare” stories and “success” stories about this network
marketing racket but didn’t know what to believe.

Like any good detective I started at the beginning and asked myself what
facts did I have?
It occured to me everything I’d been told or read about network marketing was all based on what others had to say (none of whom had actually tried networking or MLM) or I had read from people who hadn’t succeeded in the industry. So I deduced I had no real reason not to take a look and solve the mystery.

The game was afoot! It was time to educate myself. I hadn’t agreed to do
anything about networking or MLM other than to take a look – which didn’t cost
me a penny.

As I followed the clues and solved each piece of the growing jigsaw it became
apparent most of the ‘scare stories’ and ‘warnings’ had no basis, like any walk
of life there were the few individuals or companies that were out to get what
they could as quickly as they could without any regard for anyone else, I
discovered they didn’t last long. The rest of the warnings and scare stories
were people’s opinions because they either hadn’t succeeded or didn’t fully
understand what they were trying to achieve.

Piece by piece the mystery started to unravel and I was getting closer to the

I recapped on what I’d discovered:

The best people joining network marketing joined because they wanted to help
people; work from home and create residual income.
The best companies that survived the ups and downs did so because they had a tangible product or service that could stand on it’s own rather than being “the next best thing”.

I also discovered that you didn’t need to be super rich to start up in
network marketing – quite the opposite. In a lot of cases I had eye witness
accounts of people changing their lives for under £100.

So I had a motive and I had the means, now all I needed to find was the mlm.

This didn’t occur until many years later. As you may remember from my earlier
post “This is the toughest PR I’ve had to write” it took a health scare for me
to start looking at network marketing seriously. This was where due diligence

After investigating many companies I came across one called Xango who not
only had tangible products; had independant, checkable testimonials but also a
clear mission to help as many people as possible around the world to improve
their health and their wealth.

I had motive, means and the MLM!

Now I’ve solved the mystery for you, join me and make a difference in the
world today!

Click here to get started

To your own adventues!
Chris (Columbo)   😉
Chris is a network marketing professional providing 3 things:

1. An opportunity to be healthier
2, An opportunity to be wealthier
3. A product that is changing lives all over the world, everyday.

XanGo helps people beat the recession and in the process create a healthier,
richer quality of life for everyone involved.

Be part of the adventure.

Contact Chris now on 07530 557 857 or

Learn more here

Thanks for getting in touch. I look forward to reading it and responding as soon as I can! Chris

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