Look beyond the obvious

While I was at work yesterday I’d just moved to a new desk and spotted this.
I decided to carry out a completely non-experimental experiment and asked friends to take a look at my desk and tell me what they saw.  I think I asked 20 people all different ages, male and female, left handed and right handed people. Out of the 20, 18 people said they saw wires and a table and a keyboard.  2 saw what I saw.
So what did I see?  Well for those 18 people I had to draw a picture… and here it is
I saw a dancer.
When I thought about this afterwards it occured to me this is what happens when people are faced with new ideas.  Do they just see something that looks unknown or do they see beyond that and see something magical?
When I share XanGo does someone see a short video about something that’s not for them or do they see a great way to earn money, stay healthy and help thousands of people?

That’s what I do every day – I help people see beyond another network marketing company; I help them discover the countless ways XanGo is helping millions of people around the world every day. By looking beyond the obvious, you discover the hidden treasures all around you.
Discover your own hidden treasure – click here
Have fun!
———————————————————————————————————————- Chris is a network marketing professional providing 3 things:

1. An opportunity to be healthier
2. An opportunity to be wealthier
3. A product that is changing lives all over the world, everyday. XanGo helps people beat the recession and in the process create a healthier, richer quality of life for everyone involved.

Be part of the adventure.

Contact Chris now on 07530 557 857 or christopher8rown@gmail.com
or to see if network marketing is for you learn more here.

Thanks for getting in touch. I look forward to reading it and responding as soon as I can! Chris

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