Never under estimate the power of the referral!

Think back to last week.
How many people did you speak to face to face about your great business?

Ok – now how many joined you?

Keep thinking back. How many said this wasn’t for them…not the right time?

And what did you do?
Hands up if you asked them to keep your details and you then went on your way?  A few of you 🙂

Did you ever think that even though they may not be interested they may know
someone who is actively looking for a business opportunity like yours?

Ok try this:

Next time you’re chatting to someone face to face – you’ve built up a
rapport, at an appropriate time, ask them this:

Do you know anyone right now looking to earn extra cash (or improve their
health; whatever your product and opportunity is)?

Don’t speak.        Not a word.          Shush.

This style of question helps you in three ways:
1. It’s a much friendlier introduction to what you do (it takes the pressure off of you and
stops their sales radar going to DefCon3).
2. Straight away you will get the other persons curiosity going, they’ll be thinking: What is it? Maybe I’ll be interested.
3. You’ve asked a question and waiting for their response. They will feel compelled to give you an answer.

Now they will be cautious, they’ll be thinking: ‘What is it?’ ‘why hasn’t he asked me if I’m interested?’ and a few other questions and thoughts. So they may respond: “Maybe.. depends..”

Have you ever heard the phrase: ‘Less is more?’
Well this is one of those times. Say too much here and you’ve lost a golden opportunity.

“Well if I send you some information could you pass it on for me please?”

And here’s the clincher…nod as you’re saying this. But again say nothing.

(So you’re nodding remember… what does the other person do? matches your
body language. they start nodding and they will confirm it with a “Sure.” or “Yes. Send it to….”)

Even if they don’t give you their contact details, they’re nodding so you can
ask them for their contact details and they will give them to you. Every time.

Try it next time your speaking to someone face to face when you’re out and
about; on Skype or any video conferencing.

It will also work over the phone but instead of nodding your head into the mouth piece of your phone all you have to do is stay silent after asking “Well if I send you some information could you pass it on for me please?”

A lot of business is generated this way – there’s no reason you should miss out!

Let me know how you get on.

Have fun!


I am a network marketing professional with 3 goals for you:

1. An opportunity to be healthier
2. An opportunity to be wealthier
3. A product that is changing lives all over the world, everyday.

Category creating XanGo helps people worldwide create a healthier, richer quality of life for themselves and countless others through the power of sharing.

Be part of the adventure and join me and over 1 million other members of the
XanGo family and it’s visionary leaders.

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