There’s nothing like a 3rd party review!

So I was sat at home tonight thinking about my business while watching TV (cos that’s how dedicated us professionals are on a Saturday night… or strange… depends on your viewpoint).

Anyway there I was thinking to myself. Ok – I know how good the XanGo products are and I know how good the business is and it’s leadership team. But what do others think about XanGo that aren’t involved in the company in any way?

Cue Google.

There is a website called ‘MLM Rankings’ that does the following (taken from it’s home page):

“MLM Rankings takes a monthly snapshot of internet MLM interest by compiling data
from a variety of Internet MLM metrics sources, and providing them on this site
in a simple format. Want to compare two MLM companies? Use our comparison tool
and see just what percentage of the public interest a given MLM opportunity

So how did XanGo do? Take a look for yourself here

Give it a go – it’s as good as you’ve heard and better when you look at the wealth and health together!

Have fun!


I am a network marketing professional with 3 goals for you:

1. An opportunity to be healthier
2. An opportunity to be wealthier
3. A product that is changing lives all over the world, everyday.

Category creating XanGo helps people worldwide create a healthier, richer quality of life for themselves and countless others through the power of sharing.

Be part of the adventure and join me and over 1 million other members of the XanGo family and it’s visionary leaders.

Contact Chris now on 07530 557 857 or email me

To see if network marketing is for you learn more for free here
Watch this free video on what others are saying about XanGo here

One thought on “There’s nothing like a 3rd party review!

  1. Hey Chris,

    Great idea for checking things out. This is a great way for people to find out about a specific company. This doesnt really help someone market their own opportunity within that company though.

    For example, how would someone find out that you (chris) are offering people this opportunity, and entice them to wish to join you? I have seen some great ways to market yourself. A lot of people seem to struggle with that point though.

Thanks for getting in touch. I look forward to reading it and responding as soon as I can! Chris

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