“The system and tools are totally duplicatable; people aren’t!”

The key to any successful network marketing business has 3 elements:

1. Multiple streams of income
2. A sound business opportunity
3. An amazing, physical product

Not all businesses have these. Some have 1 out of 3, others have 2.

Xango has all 3 in spades.

1. Income – There are 6 streams of income with Xango:
1. Tax benefits – In your first year in this business you can earn a good living through the tax benefits that will help while you’re building your business.
2. Equity – It’s your business to do what you wish with it. You can sell it on; will it to your
family; build it up to a multimillion dollar, take money out of it, put money back in. It’s all yours!
3. Retail – Customers can buy the great products through you or your site.
4. Weekly power start – This is designed to help those starting out. This is where you can be in profit within one month – totally doable!
5. Monthly uni level – You receive compensation for the product volume that your team produce each month.
6. Quarterly global bonus pool – This is when you receive compesation not only for your team but all the other teams around the world.
How cool is that?

2. Business opportunity:
The business opportunity is very simple: Look and listen for people who would benefit from joining or using XanGo (everyone should be taking Xango, but not everyone is ready for the business opportunity). Trust people to make their decision, answer any questions (anything you can’t answer will be covered by a video in the Xango library). Take a sneak peak at my video to see how simple it is

3. A amazing, physical product:
There are multiple products available through your website all based on the queen of fruits mangosteen. We have juice, we have skincare products, we have wellness products and we have meal packs to send to under nourished children around the world.
Take a quick look at my site to see this in action

The key to success in Xango is to let the videos and website to do the work for you because this can be duplicated. In the words of the late great Bob Schmidt:

“The system and tools are totally duplicatable, people aren’t!”

This is why my team and I keep things simple, have fun and present our product that solves someone’s health issues or wealth issues.

Do you know someone who wants to improve their health and improve their wealth?

It’s that simple and it’s that profitable.

Xango is the choice of MLM leaders – Take a look at this today as a serious addition to your income. I had no networking experience before I joined XanGo and within 6 months I’m building a solid business with no limit in the future. Imagine what you could do with Xango with your expertise…

Have fun!


Experience the wellness for yourself. Health to gain. Wealth to gain. Nothing to lose. That’s my promise to you. Try me

Contact me
07530 557 857
クリスブラウン – ネットワークマーケティングのプロフェッショナル

Thanks for getting in touch. I look forward to reading it and responding as soon as I can! Chris

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