If music be the food of networking

Music is the greatest source of inspiration; when no one else understands what you’re doing or scoffs at what you can see ahead of you and are working to get there, yet no one else seems to see it. There’s always a song or a tune that picks you up, wills you on and reminds you that what you are doing is the right thing to do. Especially in network marketing.

There are many artists across the years who have penned songs or pieces of music that just seem to capture the essence of the network marketer, the spirit of sharing and the ability to keep going, willing yourself to your goal – never giving up.

David Bowie “Changes”, Michael Jackson “Man in the Mirror”, Fleetwood Mac springs to mind with “Don’t Stop” – try it on YouTube, it’s a great song to have blasting out on a Monday mornng! (just remember your neighbours – and turn it up!). It picks me up and lets me know I’m alive and raring to go into the day ahead!

For some people classical music has the same affect. Classical music seems to sharpen the mind and allows me to really concentrate on something in a way no other medium can achieve. Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto’s fits the bill for me.

And what of jazz, classical guitar, country music or opera? All have their place in our souls to keep us alive and motivated to continue on the great journey that is network marketing. There is no other journey quite like it. It’s an adventure!

Never underestimate the power of music to keep you going in your darkest hour, when you need a reminder that there are others out there who share your passion; who are willing you on to succeed in whatever network marketing niche you are in. And remember, in the words of ABBA:
“The Winner Takes It All.”

All the best,

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