You’re a what?

$120 billion per year in sales
100 countries around the world
67 million people involved

This is the impact the network marketing profession is having on the world right now. In this economic downturn.

How many professions can boast that level of legal impact today?
So why aren’t more people jumping in and joining our profession?

And why, more often than not, does it take a major change of events before someone looks at our profession as a serious career path? (me included)

As I see it (and this is nothing new) the issue to me is that the general public still have a stigma in their head attached to the words “network marketing”. You may have experienced it yourself.

So we have to educate people and correct this with our actions and thoughts. You and me together.
We must be the catalyst for this change.
We must be the face of that change. Everything we say and everything we do must steer everyone towards understanding that we are the future of business for 3 very good reasons:
Because anyone can join this profession.
Because it doesn’t take a huge investment to change their future.
Because we can demonstrate using our transparent systems how we are able to consistantly change peoples lives across the globe and create real tangible wealth every day that has no ceiling for those who are prepared to work hard for it.

The key to change is for us to be the change first.
To attract and retain quality people into our profession we must stop thinking in terms of ourselves as a distributor and start thinking, talking and projecting ourselves as professionals.
So when someone asks me what I do I tell them
“I’m public servant and a network marketing professional.”
“Ah right… public servant…. and a whaaat?”

One day, with your help and my help and the help of all those in your team and my team when someone asks
what I do I will tell them:
“I’m a public servant and a network marketing professional.”
“Ah right. Which company?”

There is nothing staggering about the money many of us including top earners make in our profession, no –
the key difference is how we make it and how little time we have to put in to achieve this.

We also need to change a word that is used all the time no matter which company you belong to.
We need to stop using the word “industry”.

For me, this conjours up images of a production line of people just going through the process of joining a company, luring people in to their team, making as much money as they can and then dropping off the end of the production line…never to be seen again.

A lot of people in network marketing think of themselves as amateurs, do a little bit here, a little bit there. For everyone that is serious about changing the world around them including their own, they must become a professional. Professionals get paid, amateurs dont.

It’s time for change. It’s time for you.

chris brown
network marketing professional
07530 557 857 | skype chris6rown |

Thanks for getting in touch. I look forward to reading it and responding as soon as I can! Chris

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