Please don’t sell lottery tickets!

Something that appears to still be prevalent in many Network Marketing companies across the world is the “lottery ticket” mentality of new people entering into the Network Marketing profession.

What I mean by this is the expectations set by people who are building their organisations are still unrealistic. They sponsor someone into the organisation and, whether it was intended or not, their new member thinks “I’ve hit the mother load!”, “All I have to do is set up my website, send out this CD, DVD or material to all my friends and I’ll just sit back and wait for people to beat down my door!”

Wow. Job done right? 

Others think that their up line will do all the work for them as well – they’ve just been given a free lottery ticket to their financial freedom. What a great up line! 


This is one of the most dangerous elements of our profession: Setting unrealistic expectations of earnings and what is involved to create financial freedom. It is self defeating because new distributors become disillusioned; blame their up line and disappear with a story to tell everyone they know about what a sham Network Marketing is. 

As a profession we should be setting certain benchmarks for any prospective distributor looking to join Network Marketing, according to Eric Worre the following is a realistic guide:

1. For most people it will take 1 year to become competent at the skills required to do well in the Network marketing profession. You should be starting to earn a regular income.
2. For most people it will take 3 years to be in the position of earning enough income to decide whether they are ready to quit their day job and go full time in their Network Marketing business.
3. For most people it will take 5 years to be an expert at Network Marketing and be financially free. 

Don’t get me wrong I’ve seen all 3 steps done within 90 days, but we owe it to any potential distributor to let them know what to realistically expect and when. 

So please, please, please when building relationships with prospective distributors – give them the full, realistic picture. That way when they do join you they are far more likely to stay with you for longer while they learn the new skills to be able to build their own profitable organisation beyond 1 year, 3 years and 5 years.

Please share this information with your own team and organisation. Together we can ensure Network Marketing is a profession anyone will be proud to join and be a part of. Because it does work!

Do you agree with what I’ve said or have I got it completely wrong? Let me know. 

To your growing success!

Network Marketing Professional
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