Prehistoric Network marketing

(Re-posted for Anne)

Imagine if network marketing was around millions of years ago when our ancestors lived in caves and started to explore this great world we live in….

“Everyone earns with this category creating discovery!
Earn flint while you’re sleeping, hunting or hand painting – it’s as easy as walking!

Never before has the village seen anything like this – Everyone’s going to want it!

Fire is the latest category creating phenomenon from the same team that brought you the Wheel and Bear skins. Now they want you to share in their success!

Act now and share the magic of Fire for free – It’s the hottest thing since the axe.

How it works:

1. Hold a fire party and amaze your friends and family at how simple fire is to use around the house and in every day tasks.
2. Introduce at least 3 people to Fire at your party either through the new Fire starter pack or becoming a Fire associate and you will immediately be sent 5 flints for every product sold or distributor. Then you’re well on your way to growng your fire business!

Yes it’s that simple! There are 10’s of people out there who have already started building their fire business and are now able to enjoy life to the fullest well into their 20s!

We want you to succeed – drum Ug now to get started!”

Just a bit of fun 🙂  but imagine where we would be now and how we would be living if network marketing was the way commerce was done from the very start….

Have fun!

Build your business once and let it pay you for the rest of your life
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