What future are we leaving the young?

You’ve probably seen the news, the government’s latest figures, even heard it from the young adults leaving education today. Lots of highly educated adults chasing very few opportunities.
Very little to encourage them to follow their dreams. Very little to support them while they follow their ambition. The very lucky have supportive families who are able to financially support them but this is getting rarer now that money is not going as far as it used to and adults are being caught up in the financial chaos created by the banks.

So the options, in my opinion, are also few. Too many young adults are finding themselves forced into part time temporary jobs they are over qualified for in order to pay for food and a roof over their head. Nothing wrong with this in the short term – it’s being a productive citizen; the issue is they get trapped into this thinking and so they stay there. Moving from one temporary job to another without ever realising their potential or ambition because they become scared of the alternative. No job. No money. No food. No roof over their head. For some living off benefits is the future because everything is paid for them. They find that working isn’t as profitable as doing nothing all day, every day. Not entirely their fault though, that’s the situation governments and administrations have allowed to grow around people.

But there is a simple, real alternative to this situation for any young person who is ambitious enough to see it. For some it will be a long journey of discovery and a complete shift in attitude but it is a very simple and fun way for the under 18 to 30 age group to stand on their own two feet financially without relying on jobs, needing handouts or government help.
That solution is Network Marketing.

Anyone over the age of 18 can start in Network Marketing with minimal or no cost to themselves. Their natural ambition and wanting to make their mark in the world at this age allows them to very quickly build a solid, profitable business without fear or any of the issues and hangups that the over 30’s sometimes create for themselves. They can run their legitimate business from their bedroom in their parents house; their iPad, their mobile or their laptop.
Their natural enthusiasm means business for them is quick, simple and convenient – much like going shopping.

To help the sub 30 generation a new movement has been setting the USA on fire.
It’s spreading across the globe. It’s called the MB30 Movement and is run by Xango (the same category creating company that introduced the mangosteen to the western world).
MB30 educates young adults with the skills, the financial education and the knowledge to make money quickly, build their business quickly and ultimately become a millionaire by their 30th birthday. MB30 – Millionaire By 30. How cool is that?

If you know of anyone that is sub 30, ambitious and is ready to show the world what they can achieve then I would consider it your duty to send them, show them, text them this weblink.
If it’s the right time for them they will thank you for it and you will have the warm glow of satisfaction having started them off on a journey of self-discovery, learning and ultimately financial freedom for life that not many will achieve in the future.
Think about it. Act on it. Now.

Join me in helping them create a stable future. Their future. Their MB30 Movement.

email christopher8rown@gmail.com | skype chris6rown |
Want to redesign your life  www.mmxgo.com/sc 
Want to redesign your future  www.mmxgo.com/yd 
If you have any questions contact me any time.

Thanks for getting in touch. I look forward to reading it and responding as soon as I can! Chris

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