You may not believe how difficult it is to say “Yes”

I was reading a book the other week, written by an award winning psychologist. 
Packed with very simple and amazing information there was one chapter that stood out to me. 
The psychological process that we go through in order to mentally prepare ourselves to say “YES”.

It makes sense when you look at it from a network marketing point of view: Candidates are not only listening to your answers to their questions – they’re also watching you (if you’re speaking face to face) or judging your voice (if over the phone). They are simultaneously dreaming about their future – where they want to be; what it will look like. They are thinking about how this new idea fits into their current life and does anything need to change to accommodate it. They are carrying out their due diligence and running all the options with their minds eye. A lot is going on. And this is where this can all fall apart. The candidate is busily weighing up their options and how they can make a success of this new venture when you go and give them too much information. 
That’s a green light to the candidate to say No – too much hassle. Any more information and there’s another green light to say no – too complicated. 

So to reduce the chances of someone saying No to your opportunity to change their future:
1. Give them 1 piece of information – could be a link to a video, a leaflet, a sample, anything but use only one of these.
2. The person asking the questions is in control of the conversation. 
3. Make sure your mind is right. By this I mean: Are you approaching this meeting as “I hope this person joins me” or “I wish this person would join me” or “This person will be joining me”?

Remember: It is easier for us to say ‘No’ than it is to say ‘Yes’. Isn’t that a great challenge? 

Have fun. Keep learning, keep earning!

Change your future the better way. Change your life the better way

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