You can not teach a person anything. You can only help them discover it themselves – Galileo


A few years ago scientists carried out an experiment. They placed 5 monkeys in a cage. They placed a bunch of bananas at the top of a ladder and hooked up a water hose at the top of the ladder.

When the first monkey saw the bananas he started up the ladder. When he got to the top he was sprayed with water and decided not to continue going for the bananas. The 2nd monkey went up the ladder to get the bananas, was sprayed and decided the bananas weren’t worth the hassle. This continued for the other 3 monkeys until all of the monkeys had been sprayed with water and none of them had reached the bananas.


A while later the scientists took the 1st monkey out of the cage, turned the water spray off and placed a new monkey with the other 4 in the cage. When this new monkey got in the cage, saw the bananas and started up the ladder she was surprised to find the other 4 monkeys jumping up and down and stopping her from going further up the ladder. She came down and never went back up. Over time the other 4 monkeys were replaced and not one of them made it to the bananas at the top of the ladder because every time they started up the ladder the other monkeys would jump up and down and stop them going. As far as they were concerned this was the way of the world; this was how it was and how it had always been despite not one of them ever being sprayed with water.


So what does this tell us? There will be people you know, friends, family and colleagues who will try to warn you off Network Marketing because of something they’ve heard about someone’s brother’s aunty’s dog (twice removed) who tried it and didn’t succeed.


Listen to them if you want but remember they haven’t actually any experience of Network Marketing themselves. Just because they try to stop you doesn’t mean it’s true.


Discover this amazing profession for yourself and have fun!


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