The science behind positive habits…

Now I’m no neuroscientist so this is my understanding of how the amazing miracle of habit forming physically occurs in our heads.


Ok – Inside your brain there are a network of neurons. As you experience something new, signals are sent to create new pathway to neuron. The more you practice the new experience the stronger the signal, the stronger the connection gets. The less you practice an experience the weaker the signal, the weaker the connection and eventually that connection disappears (think of the Rubik’s Cube as a good example, when it first came out you may have been able to remember the sequence to complete it – but can you remember it now?)

Now imagine you had let a bad habit form… say for example, not brushing your teeth at night before you went to bed. In your brain there is a super highway of signals being sent between neurons saying you don’t brush your teeth before bed. You plan to change that habit. So you start to brush your teeth every night before going to bed. The signals travelling up the super highway leading to the neuron saying you don’t brush your teeth pause. There’s a new pathway being started, it’s very weak to begin with but as the habit continues so the signals get stronger. As the days turn into weeks the signal strengthens and a super highway of positive habit has been created that stay connected. And it only takes 21 days. That’s it 21 days to change a bad habit into a good habit. 21 days to learn a good habit.

If today were day 1, imagine you decided to develop a positive habit. That habit was to talk to 1 person a day, face to face, about your great business. 21 days later it is very likely you will have a huge team working with you to grow your business and working with you to grow their business. Think about it. 21 days is all it takes.

Have fun!


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