Sometimes you find good people; sometimes good people find you.

So 2 days in Yorkshire near the town of Wetherby for a family wedding.

Great location, amazing food and welcoming people. When the family and I were heading back we stopped off in Wetherby to fill up the car with petrol. Only the petrol cap would not open. Gill and I spent several minutes checking the central locking, looking for a secret button on the dashboard that we hadn’t known about for the past 2 years – but no luck. When I started laughing about the absurdity of the situation Gill decided it was time to make a phone call – ah but we’re in the forecourt of a petrol station… so Gill went inside to the shop and made her call.

A few moments later as I was trying to coax the cap open with my front door key, Gill emerged with a face like thunder – nothing, in her eyes was going well. Then a stranger appeared out of the shop and made his way over. He was middle aged with a bluetooth headset stuck to his ear. He wanted to help us, he asked about the central locking, was it our own car; was there no separate key hole for the cap… then asked if we were members of the RAC or AA (Royal Automobile Club or Automobile Association) to which I confirmed we were, and he started to make his way to his car. He stopped, turned around and said “It’s a shame there are no garages nearby that you could take it to… ah yes…” he thought about it while, by this time I was more than happy to prize the cap open holding on to a screw driver with both hands and pushing against both feet firmly planted against the side of the car… “there is one just up the road, and they will help you…” so the man patiently gave me directions.

Bad move.

Luckily Gill was there as well so I checked with Gill she had the directions. Then the kind man must have realised that my sense of direction was about as reliable as waiting for a goldfish to come and fix your boiler. So he suggested that as he was going in that direction anyway, perhaps we could follow behind him in his car and he would indicate left at he appropriate moment when the garage was in site? Brilliant idea we thought and we thanked him for his time while he climbed into his little red sports car, put his keys in his ignition and promptly set off his car alarm… both he and I saw the funny side and were laughing in our respective cars while Gill was vocalising her doubts about the sanity of the man.

A few moments later we were off. following steadily behind the man in his little red sports car, through town, residential streets and very soon a small industrial estate. There was the indicator flashing left and a hand waving excitedly to the left indicating the garage. Brilliant!

The man then turned his car around, confirmed with his thumb that this was the right place and after a thumbs up from me off he went, disappearing into the Wetherby wilderness – clearly he had gone out of his way to ensure we reached our destination.


I found one of the mechanics in this garage which turned out to be a locally owned MOT centre. The guy came out and while I was bracing myself for the long whistle-breathing-in sound and raised eye brows followed by those immortal words “I’ll do what I can but it’s not going to be cheap”, he looked at the filler cap, opened the car boot, fiddled about in the wheel arch and the cap popped open.

My second Wow in only 30 minutes.

But he wasn’t finished there. He started to play with the locking mechanism in the petrol cap. He had me locking, re-locking and locking and re-locking the car several times over while he watched the mechanism not do it’s job.

Bracing myself again for a hefty sigh-whistle-breathing-in-sound, raised eye brows and that immortal line, the guy went and got some lubricant, sprayed the lock a few times, got me to test the lock on, lock off several times and then the big test. We shut the filler cap and locked it.

Would the cap open again or would I have to find that screwdriver I was tempted to use…. I unlocked the car, the guy reached out to the filler cap and ‘pop’ it opened. Job done!
“There you go!” he said and walked off back to his MOTs without a second glance. Didn’t ask for anything in return for his time or his patience.

3rd Wow in an hour.

When I got back to Dundee I contacted the garage and arranged for the mechanic and his team to get a round of drinks on me down their local pub as a small thank you.

As for the man with the bluetooth headset in his ear driving his little red sports car… I like to think he’s still out there somewhere helping others in anyway he can.

So if ever you are in Wetherby and you are stuck; be ready for a good person to come and find you in order to help you. There are good people everywhere ready and willing to help you with no thought for their own gain.

Network Marketing is a great example of that. Sometimes you find good companies; sometimes good companies find you. Be ready and open to them.

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