Queen of fruits, King of opportunity Part 2 of 6

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PART 2 of 6 in my Mangosteen special— written by Chris Brown

What the experts say about Mangosteen

Experienced health professionals – who understand why it helps their patients and how it heals their bodies – have written extensively about the health benefits of the Mangosteen fruit.
Some of these health practitioners, who have experienced the benefits of this fruit in their own lives and in their patients have these to say:

“Mangosteen provides powerful support for every organ system in the human body. This fact is being confirmed on a daily basis by clinical experience… I am convinced that Mangosteen will, without a doubt, be the most successful food supplement ever.”

J. Frederic Templeman, M.D., a primary care physician for more than 20 years and board certified in both the United States and Canada (1)

“Mangosteen… is able to reverse most of the ailments of modern man.”
Kenneth J. Finsand, M.D., a practicing chiropractic physician for nearly 30 years who specialized in functional medicine throughout his medical career (2)

Dr Tootla has currently over 1,000 of his patients taking Mangosteen juice.
Dr Tootla is licensed to practice in 20 different countries and has the distinction of having introduced robotic surgery in the United States. He’s a pioneer of laparoscopic colon surgery and has published numerous papers in the most prestigious medical journals of the world.

“Mangosteen provides huge health benefits for every organ in our bodies.”
Sam Walters, N.M.D., a family practitioner trained as a specialist in both traditional and natural medicine, with more than 30 years of comprehensive practical experience in the medical profession, and formulated nutritional products for companies and institutions including the NASA Space Centre for the astronauts.(3)

(1) J. Frederic Templeman, M.D., author of “Mangosteen: The X-Factor” and “A Doctor’s Challenge: A Mangosteen Solution”, http://www.mangosteentools.com.

(2) Kenneth J. Finsand, M.D., author of “Mangosteen’s Healing Secrets Revealed” and “Mangosteen Through the Body: The Body Mind Connection”, http://www.mangosteentools.com

(3) Sam Walters, N.M.D., author of “Tame the Flame: Mangosteen’s Remedy for Chronic Disease”, http://www.mangosteentools.com


Look out for part 3 of this special report about this amazing fruit coming soon – discover the reason for the name “Queen of fruits”

Chris Brown
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