“Ah… just one more thing…”


  If Columbo had talked to you for more than 5mins and then when leaving stick his hand up and say      “ah….just one more thing..” would you not just own up there and then? Especially if you’d seen the   other episodes.

  In my opinion that was the films attraction. You knew who had committed the murder and you knew  Columbo knew very quickly who had done it too but the great storyline was all about how he proved  it.

This same point is often used as a negative against great movies. How many times have you heard people say that they won’t watch that new movie because the good guys always win?
My reply “But it’s how the good guys win that makes the movie so good!”

Network Marketing is the same. Most people now know the Network Marketing business model allows anyone to succeed in building their own business up from nothing pretty quickly and become financially free within 5 years. But the real success story is how they get there.

So the next time someone says they know how the new film ends so they’re not going to watch it; remind them it’s not the outcome that’s important but the journey getting there.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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