Fishing off the coast of the Network Marketing Profession


You may have heard this before:

“Give a man a fish you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for life.”

In my opinion this explains what you and I are doing every day in the Network Marketing profession. We help those who wish to, build their organisation, build their network and in doing so build our own network. We help through showing them rather than doing it for them.
How many times have you thought about helping someone in your network by recruiting someone into their team in order for them to meet the next compensation level or help you move to the next level in your organisation? While it may be strategically sound, it’s a short term solution with no long term value.
The way I see it is there are two reasons for this: The person you think you’re helping may not have been involved in the recruiting process of their new business builder – so they have no idea what help or support is required and may not possess the skills or experience to deliver that support – so it falls back on you to support and nurture until either the new person is adequately supported or the other business builder develops the necessary skills.
Secondly the person who has just been recruited by you into someone else’s team may feel a lack of support or may not connect with their new upline. Again it falls back on you to offer the support and guidance to both parties to support them forward.

All this potentially causes you to “leave the field” as the late great Jim Rohn said. Describing the situation where you are being sidetracked and not actively building your business.


So as all good leaders do: fish for new talent off the shores of Network Marketing and ensure you teach them how to do the same; avoid giving them a fish.

All the best,


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